Sunday, May 17, 2009

FOB Shank

When we arrived in country, we knew that we would eventually be moving from Kandahar to a newly expanded Forward Operating Base, (FOB), Shank. We were supposed to be here by the end of April, but constant delays in preparing this place for an aviation task force have pushed the date around. We left Kandahar near the end of April, but to go to Bagram instead of Shank because of a lack of water, bathing facilities, food, etc... We spent about a week in Bagram before getting a last minute (11 PM the night prior) notification that we would be leaving.

FOB Shank is pretty big, and there is a lot of construction going on. As they finish getting the runway and parking pads ready, we look forward to getting electricity and insulation in our tents, warm showers, and eventually food that hasn't been trucked in from elsewhere. We should be getting the satellite internet systems in any day now, (the ones I spent so much time studying up on to choose), and hopefully the internet information I have looked into will allow me to set the three systems up without the help of a contractor, (approximately $400 install per system), and get internet to everyone in our company.

Now that we are more or less (less is more accurate) settled in, I will try to start up regular posts again, with photos to follow soon.



  1. We were wondering where you were. Thanks for posting. It's good to know what you're up to. We miss you!

  2. I just came across your blog. Thanks so much! My son is Specialist Burnette with the 118th MP co and will be leaving Bagram on Tuesday and flying into FOB Airborne. This is his first deployment as well. He will be there 10 days and go back to Bagram for training on the new Humvees but will be stationed at FOB Shank. It's nice to know what he's going to encounter when he gets there. God bless you and be safe!

  3. I just came across your blog too, thanks a bunch.

    My Brother is CW5 Jeff Gregg with the 101st and is stationed at your base as well.. Enjoyed reading your blog and will be following your up dates..

    Please be safe over there.

  4. Just found your blog while searching for info on FOB Shank..My son is a pilot with your company..I'l be checking back often..Take care and God bless, Laurie

  5. We are headed over there in a few months. Could you elaborate on how the living conditions are there and what facilities you have ie. AAFES, gym, living conditions etc. If you could e-mail it to me that would be awesome so I could pass it along to my soldiers. Thank You so much. My email is

  6. My brother, Joshua Calhoun, is leaving in 2 weeks for FOB Shank. Tank you for the info! He told us he'd be in a dugout. I feel much better. God Bless You!

  7. You have a very nice page here but I do have one small request...Can you please change your link font color? It is very hard to see the links.

    Thank you for all you do. I am very proud of you guys. Take care.

  8. Hi, I am very interested in the patches you wear as I have been collecting patches since my uncle sent some to me when I was perhaps 5 or 6 years old and I am 66 now. If you do wear a patch and the unit can spare one for my collection (of course if there are others around who could too that would be even better) then contact me at:
    Emil L. Balusek
    13405 Wisterwood St
    Austin, TX 78729-1941
    Thanks very much for reading this.

  9. My brother in law PFC Garcia is stationed at FOB Shank. He is in the 10th Mountain Division (Fort Drum). I came across this blog and found it helpful in providing insight on the conditions at this location. Good luck in your endeavors and I wish you all well.

  10. Hi Guys n Gals :>)
    My Son will be joining you in the fall. Thanks for all your hard work and please be safe out there. Email me if you have anymore updates, I would like to know more about where my boy is heading
    Or if you just wanna write to me.
    Thank you so much and i hope you are all home soon..Toni T

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  12. I am currently stationed here at fob shank and I have been here since January. I just wanted it to be known that we(10th Mountain Division) do not have wireless internet. We eat the same food everyday, there is nothing for morale, and this place is definately the worst place I have ever deployed to. This is my 4th deployment. There is an expansion of Fob Shank(not 10th Mountain Division) and they have it good over there.

  13. I gues no body has ever heard of OPSEC with all the names, dates and locations being discussed here. No wonder we are our own worst enemy.

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  15. My son CJ is in Bagram waiting to go to FOB Shank...I'm glad I stumbled on to this site...

  16. I spent 12 months at FOB Shank. TF Wings had it pretty nice! I wish I was with you guys! Have fun out there, and more importantly, STAY SAFE! I'm on my way home now - God Speed!

  17. My son arrived at FOB Shank last month. I have only heard from him 1 time. He is with the 173rd and will be there at least a year. Im glad to find your blog, but wish there were more post! I am desperate for info from there.

  18. My boyfriend landed in FOB Shank last week and I would love to get an ADDRESS so I can send over his Christmas care package. If anyone can help it would be greatly appreciated!!! The last I spoke to him, he mentioned that there are no phones and I wont be able to speak to him for another few weeks.

  19. Here is address I have for a friend -- you will have to add his name at top, and also his unit ... Unit shown here only for example :

    SC-ADT 3-10th MTN
    FOB Shank (East)
    APO AE 09364

  20. I post to my son at following with different name.
    PFC Mouse, Mickey
    Acc 173rd BSB
    FOB Shank
    APO AE
    the flat rate boxes work well and if sending to military large 1 in 11.95 a piece. Other boxes the same size were going to b 40.00 dollars.

  21. Also jesiell, he can go into the uso trailer there at shank and use computers and phone.My son has done this and lines arent as long in middle of night thats is good time for me as they are 91/2 hours ahead.

  22. Great address info. My daughter and son in law are enroute from bagram to shank. They are training hard before they go to spot ied's. I talked to him this morning (his night) on a cell phone he was told will still work at shank. I will keep everyone up to date if I hear anything.

  23. My son is also deployed at shank. He is a crew chief with the 4-3 aviation out of Hunter Army Airfield in Savannah Georgia. He has been there for nearly two months. We are looking forward to seeing him back in Texas in March for his mid-term leave.

  24. I hope you and your family are doing well and you have a safe n Merry Christmas :>)
    Toni N Ron T - My son is there with your soldiers as well ....My first Grandbaby will be born very soon and he is hoping to be home for the birth.....It looks good so far....

  25. Thanks for your blog. My niece's husband is at FOB Shank. Thanks for all that you are doing over there. Be safe, be well.

  26. Do you still need Internet to stay in touch with your loved ones back home? Let me know and we'll provide faster Internet service in your Room, tents, B-Hut or whereever your living cornor is!

  27. DMH said...
    Just found your blog.My son is with the 173rd AIRBORNE stationed there now.I look for anybit of info.I can.Any news and comments,is a blessing! Thank-you

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  29. Hey Gens,

    You guys have the S6 contact information? Please email them to me at

    I would like to discuss the provision of the Internet to FOB Shank so you can all enjoy it.



  30. Very curious to find out how quickly a small envelope with a dvd gets to our nephew @ FOB Shank. Mailed priority 4 days back. According to our small town PO, there is no express mail? (although APO priority is certainly a good deal, it'd be nice if it took less than 2 weeks to arrive)

  31. From: O'linn, Timothy K
    Subject: FOB Shank Arrival (UNCLASSIFIED)
    Date: Saturday, October 16, 2010, 7:35 AM
    Classification: UNCLASSIFIED
    Caveats: NONE

    Greetings from FOB Shank! I finally made it and below is my mailing address for my duty location FOB Shank with an approximate 9-14 day mailing timeframe for things to get in and out of the area unless rain then potentially 3-4 weeks. I will send more info later but for now I'm good to go and in place and ready to start work.

    Take care TKO
    My address is:
    Timothy O'Linn
    FOB Shank PMO
    FOB Shank West
    APO AE 09364
    Classification: UNCLASSIFIED
    Caveats: NONE

  32. Great blog! My son is off shortly to FOB Shank. The info is helpful. Be safe and stay safe!

  33. My grandson (19) just arrived at FOB Shank. I understand the PX has "nothing." What would you suggest for Christmas presents? Not only for my grandson but something I can send that his buddies can share.


  34. How safe is it to really put their address up here? You never know is online

  35. Hi All family/relatives of Army who deploy in FOB SHANK logar, Afghanistan this is Shahin.

    i am an Local national linguist interpreter of Army in FOB SHANK and i am an Afghan national i have to say to all families of army down in FOB SHANK there is best ever place for army and nothing worry warm water , different food, anyway every thing that an army want he/she can find very easily also FOB SHANK is in Logar province of Afghanistan which no far from Capital of Afghanistan means Kabul city.
    i am every 2 months come my home in Kabul from FOB SHANK .
    if you have any thing saying to your relatives armies in FOB SHANK so I can Help you are to link you are with your relatives as i am interpreter inside the FOB SHANK.
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    i hope every body should not be worry from this place. wish you all the best of of luck.

  36. OPSEC!!!!!! OPSEC!!!! Operation security and the NEED to know you are placing lives in danger. Think twice!!

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  38. Guys, just got back from tour, some of the things you are posting on her are gold dust for TB. You've given home addresses in the US as well as on camp, personal email addresses and names, flight times and destinations for flights in and out of multiple locations in theatre. Now some random bloke saying he's an translator is offering to take personal messages to your loved ones.Just take a minute to think, what if he's not who he said he is, but is trying to get names of personnel inside the camp so that they can be effectively targeted. Or worse he delivers a very different message than the one you wanted passed on? OPSEC is not a dirty word, you've got to stop leaving so much information in an open forum. Eventually someone will die as a direct result if you don't

  39. please!!!! Everyone has to stop sharing their son's unit information, their deployment dates, locations,'s called OPSEC and there's a reason that it's in effect. It is to protect the soldiers that you care about!!!! Anyone can read this..I stumbled upon it while trying to ascertain what resources they have there and all I'm reading is my son will be there in NOV and Mr So and so of this division and brigade is there. To protect them as well as the mission overseas, PLEASE STOP SHARING THIS INFO...I'M SURE YOUR SOLDIER, son, friend, daughter, whoever mentioned the importance of keeping this info a secret!