Tuesday, May 19, 2009

Getting Ready

When we finally arrived at FOB Shank, after a week long detour to Bagram, which required us to move twice, we all pulled together to get our office ready. This included the 3-person PI team to mount our Comanchero sign (I was taking the photo, that still counts as helping). Our resident carpenter, Joe, immediately set to work building two offices, desks, and cabinets.

As you can see everyone stayed busy helping out; either that or this is one of the times I said, "Hey, everyone look busy so I can take a picture!"

Despite seeing less foilage per square mile than almost anywhere else I've been on earth, we had plenty of wood to finish up the office.

One of our PCs (pilots in command), Gene is teaching one of our young PIs, Doug about carpentry. Actually I think they were teaching each other because I have never seen any two people be so proud of a printer stand that they built.

Though we quickly accomplished quite a bit during the first few days here, the CP (our little office building) is still a work in progress. We have since added a pantry for all of the food we smuggle out of the mess hall, which is next to the refrigerator which we fill with all the sodas and juices we can smuggle out of the mess hall. There is even talk of constructing a small building adjacent to this one for use as a rec room for X-Box, TV, and maybe even a ping pong table.


  1. So, does this mean you have the satellite internet now? You have a lot of new posts and the pics are cool. I was just wondering, I need to tell Tony some stuff if he ever gets online somewhere.....

  2. The satellite internet is supposed to get here today! (Fingers crossed) So hopefully we will have that set up in a few days and be in our new tents with the rooms in them. I'll tell him to walk down here to the MWR and get online some time before then.

  3. I am really impressed with your blog, and it is great to be able to hear from someone that is on the same FOB as my son (CW3 Steve Frazee). Take care of yourself, and keep up the important work that you and your brothers and sisters there are doing. We are very proud of all of y'all.