Friday, May 29, 2009

Moving Day!!.....Er, no!

Well, the current exciting news here at FOB Shank is that we will be moving into the new Alaskan tents with individual rooms, but not yet. That is right, we have almost moved into those tents like 3 times now, but they always find a way to stop us. Currently the reason is that the outlets in the tents are not safe to use if you are going to be taking a shower and or cooking near them. Fortunately, no one will be showering or cooking near them. Unfortunately, that doesn't stop the "need" for GFCI outlets (think the outlets in bathrooms near sinks). Of course this rule appears to be grandfather claused, or in this case grandmother claused, as the females, who are already living in these tents, will be allowed to remain in them despite the lack of GFCI breakers.

The worst thing about this is that apparently, no one seemed to realize that these GFCI breakers/outlets would be needed until just now, after the tents have all been setup and after the week delay on the generators. I can only hope that whoever is in charge of this has already ordered the needed parts and that there are no other missing pieces. The wait for semi-private space continues...

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