Friday, April 3, 2009

Photo Op

So, I get to the bazaar and pull out my camera to take photos. A local vendor immediately asks me to take a picture of him, so I say, "sure, no problem." I didn't realize he wanted a photo shoot. Here is the first photo I took:

So he wants to look at the photo and says, "No, no take it again." He then proceeds to turn his hat around and changes his expression a little. And here is the much improved and approved result.
It was kind of funny how insistent he was that I take his picture. The vendors all speak English well as well as Romanian (there are quite a few Romanians stationed here as well). They are very pushy and as soon as you get near they will swarm you and insist that you look at their products. I tend to prefer to talk to the less pushy ones. The people are nice though if you can get past their desire to sell you something.

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