Thursday, June 18, 2009

We Have Internet!

I won't pretend that it was easy, but it is finally 90% done. Everything is set up and everyone has internet, but I am currently trying to make everything work better, install servers to monitor bandwidth, and possibly add wireless.

Getting the internet all ready was quite the struggle. I was placed in charge of finding a suitable system for our use, collecting all the money (what a headache!), ordering, setting up the dishes (3 of them with quite a bit of help from multiple people), cutting and finishing about 50 ethernet cables, connecting it all with 10 switches, setting up and installing 3 servers (still a work in progress), and troubleshooting (a daily if not hourly job). I still have to finish the servers, and on Monday I have a phone appointment with a Bentley Walker technician who is going to walk me through some fine-tuning adjustments for the dishes.

To the right I have a photo of CW2 Michael Wick and CW3 Joseph Morano. These guys took it upon themselves to get the platforms for the dishes ready, thank goodness! They built the platforms, levelled them out and then attached the pole stands to them and made sure that those were also level. Once other companies saw their handiwork they quickly replicated the design. Now there are dishes all over on stands similar to, yet in my opinion inferior to, these ones.

Here is another that shows all 3 dishes set up. It sure is a beautiful sight.

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  1. I have some questions about your internet provider/service. Please contact me at when you have time. I know you are very busy. Thanks...