Saturday, June 20, 2009


In response to a question, I'll tell you a little about the MWR and the gym. There is an MWR on the far side of Shank East that has about 10 Spawar phones(you need to purchase a Spawar number to use them, I think you get it for 4 cents a minute) and 28 computers. They also have webcams and headsets you can check out as well for the computers. There is a small gym which is housed in two small tents. One has free-weights and a few benches and the other has cardio equipment about 4 of each of bicycles, ellipticals, and treadmills. It looks like they are about to expand the gym, because they recently put up a couple of slightly larger tents next to the gym tents. I have yet to see any new equipment, but it could be coming.

At the aviation side of Shank East, I have seen several brand new computers that are supposed to go into the MWR, but it hasn't been built/setup yet, so I don't really know when that will be ready. There is also an outdoor workout area that was setup with just a couple of pieces of equipment, so that is all that we have on our side so far...

When I get a chance I'll add some photos to this post.


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  2. Do you happen to have any pictures of gym that was built by 4-101? I have been trying to track some down. Thank you.