Saturday, June 13, 2009

Building the Rooms

Click on any of the photos to see a larger version.

A photo of what our tents look like. These five all belong to our company as well as the first two that were built just past the far left tent. On the far right are the CPs, our offices, and the A Company CP is on the left side of the ones that are visible.

A photo of the view that we have coming out of the tent. That metal structure on the other side of the barrier is the frame of one of the tents going up.

As I stated before, quite a few people worked on building the individual rooms inside the Alaskan tents, but by and far most of the work was done by the crew chiefs and door gunners. 1SG Horn spearheaded this with his personal crew of SPC Bret Powell and SPC Andrew Bryer. I took a few photos of these guys in action.

SPC Spencer putting door handles on the pocket doors.

SPC Slaton and SPC Johnston taking a break.

SPC Powell with some assistance from SPC Karl Crotts cutting wood for something or other.

SPC Bryer and 1SG putting up the room framing.

Click on this photo to see a panoramic of what the rooms look like with just the framing up.

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