Friday, April 3, 2009

The Bazaar

Thursday in Qalat means one thing...that's right the Bazaar! It's the only show in town (literally), and it's the place to be if you have money to spend (because there is nowhere else to spend it). Every Thursday, weather permitting, and if there have been no attacks on the FOB, several local merchants are able to enter the FOB to sell their wares. There is a small area where they are able to set up shop on a few tables under shade. The items up for sale vary widely, from discarded pistol holsters to bootlegged copies of movies.
They have quite a few things made out of stone, such as cups, bowls, and chess pieces.

They also have quite a selection of woodworking as well. Seeing as how there are almost no trees anywhere that I have been in Afghanistan, we asked where the wood is from. Apparently up North near Jalalabad they have trees. I'll have to take their word on it.

And here are the DVDs. It looks like they are imported from China. You can get an entire TV series for about $1.50 a DVD. For example, we negotiated six seasons of 24 on 48 DVDs down to $70 from $96. We looked at the DVDs and they look professionally done, right down to the image printed on each DVD. They also have poor copies of movies that have just come out in the theater. Those cost about $2 a DVD.


  1. that is awesome! Thanks so much for sharing your comings and goings. It may be boring to you but we love hearing.

    Praying for you always,

  2. Hello,
    I wanted to thank you for your blog. I came across your January entry while I was googling "blackhawk medevacs in Kandahar." Someone I love just recently deployed and is a crewchief on one. This is my first deployment with him- but this isn't his first deploy (but first to afg.) I don't get to converse with him too often and when we do it is not about the country. Your blog fills in some of the gaps and gives a personal pic of that region. Anyway, I wanted to thank you for your escort missions (!), thank you for being a soldier, thank you for everything, thank you for being. Anyway, I'll stop by here now that I have found your blog- but I won't pester you... I've already written a novel!

    Thank you and take care