Thursday, September 3, 2009

Another Funny Story

This is an old one, from way back in February or so when we were still at Kandahar. We were up early for a flight, probably around 5AM, getting everything ready and about to go to our brief. Being as early as it was, the chow hall was not yet open, and so everyone was finding things around our CP(office) to eat. Each morning, someone will usually put on a pot of coffee for anyone who wants some hot coffee. For this reason, I was confused when one of our crew chiefs, SPC Joshua Leppink, was heating his coffee in the microwave. He was drinking it and I asked him, "Do you like your coffee really hot?" He replied, "The coffee was cold." Someone there overheard and mentioned that they had just made coffee and that it should still be hot. We asked him where he got the cold coffee from, and he pointed to a large coffee maker that was not the one that was usually used. It was promptly opened, only to find what you can see in the picture:
That's right, its mold! That coffee had been there for quite a while, especially since no one there could think of ever having used, or seen anyone use that coffee maker. SPC Leppink's only response was a embarrassed smile and the reply, "I thought it tasted funny." We were laughing about that one for quite a while afterward.


  1. that was funny :>)
    Hope you guys have a good/safe labor day n take care.And i am very happy that you will soon get to see your family, I'm sure they miss you very much. I am going to see my son the beginning of October before they leave, and I know that will be a good visit; but very hard to leave. Have fun at Disney with your family. !!! And keep blogging...If you have any other pictures (I saw all the buildings n stuff)and so on to share, This is the only sight I can find(I cant get on anything else at work)and i cant seem to find any other blogs from the area where you are. But I am far from a professional with a computer either :>) Take care...Toni

  2. Toni, thanks for your comments, I appreciate them. I assume your son will be deploying to this area...I hope you have a good visit with him before the deployment. Thanks for reading!