Wednesday, March 18, 2009

Decorating the "Bird"

We wanted to paint the engine cowling of the aircraft to carry on a long tradition in A Company 4-101 Aviation Regiment. We are the Comancheros and the picture to the right is our company symbol painted on an older aircraft.

We started by printing off a template to trace onto the cowling. Then we put tape on the cowling to trace onto.

Then trace the image onto the tape...
And using a knife, cut out and peel off the tape where the image is.

And keep peeling...
Then spray paint, let dry and clean up.

Here are our two crew chiefs, SPC Spencer, SPC Alvis, and below is CW2 Justin Mix, our Pilot in Command.
And this is how it turned out! 041 is the first UH60M to have its engine cowlings painted!

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