Thursday, February 5, 2009

A Day at the Range

We were able to go to the firing range a couple of days ago and it was a blast! Luckily, we have a steady supply of ammo and plenty of time. We also have an AK-47 in our tent and plenty of ammo for it. We started off at the small arms range and I zeroed my M-4, and got used to using a red dot sight. The red dot is the way to go, way better than lining up the iron sights. I also fired my M9 and then took a turn using the AK. It was fun, but there is no accuracy when you go full auto and you're standing up! We had some paper targets, but also setup some empty ammo cans, water bottles, .50 cal shells and other misc things as targets.

After the small arms range, we went to the range where we could fire the M240 (Fully automatic, 7.62mm). It was the first time I had fired a 240, it was alot like the 249 (Fully automatic, 5.56mm), just a bit bigger and heavier. Overall it was a great time!


  1. That is really cool looking. I will definately have to show these pictures to my boys but will have to be sure to have towels to wipe up their drool.