Thursday, April 7, 2011

Because you demanded it...

I'm trying to be more consistent with my updates. Since my last deployment I decided to specialize as a maintenance test pilot. To accomplish this I had to spend several months going through the appropriate courses, and most of that time was spent away from home. It was a struggle and my family and I had to make a lot of sacrifices to make it happen, but I am glad I was able to finish the necessary courses and progress in my career.

As a maintenance test pilot, I now spend a lot more time on the ground, trying to make certain that I can do my part to keeping the aircraft flying. The real stars of this process are the crew chiefs, most of whom fly with us, but also accomplish the maintenance required of the aircraft. That means long hours turning wrenches to remove broken components and install new ones.

CW2 "Rabbit" Parks (he hates it, but it has kind of stuck, and it fits) trying to get some of the glory and SPC Gibson, one of our Comanchero crew chiefs

SGT "Cookie" Cook, our maintenance NCO fixing stuff

SPC "Its funny no matter how you decide to pronounce it" Weiner and SGT "S-Rod" Strickrodt in the middle of what must be a profound discussion...I mean look at the backdrop!

And yes, these days even I get to help out a bit with the maintenance, although most of my work gets started after the maintenance has finished.